Bouillon got a detox. Beverages got instantly innovative.

We partner with retailers, restaurants, and universities to offer a new form of savory snack that warm your customers' souls.

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✨ instant ✨ shelf-stable ✨ vegan ✨

You’ve never seen nutrient-dense, plant-based power powders like this before ✨

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What māla girl customers are saying

  • Soulfull Classic

    "Life changing! I absolutely love this broth for sipping or using in recipes! It has given new life to our food and I am so thankful!"


  • Mushroom Brainiac

    "Amazing for cooking! For my gravy, soup, seasoned rice - this is my favorite. Adds a depth of flavor and richness and is SO easy to use!"


  • Chili Chakra

    "Love that you can use māla blends for sipping or for spicing up your cooking game in the kitchen! Did someone say spicy margaritas?"


  • Miracle Moringa

    "I didn’t know what to expect when I heard of this product. But after I tried it, I found it so delicious, and unique! It’s super tasty!"


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